Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend Workout

Photoshop skill workout, that is! I barely got out of the house despite the beautiful weather outside because I was on a roll regarding my threadless submissions and I was able to watch some shows at the same time (I just finished all the episodes of Futurama, and am almost done with watching The IT Crowd, both of which are hilarious!) thru my tablet. So all in all, a pretty productive weekend for me :) Here are the things I submitted, I hope they'll all get through!

1. This one is for a bike-themed contest :) I was portraying the environment-friendly aspect of using bikes as opposed to cars. Those flowers took a while to finish, as did the bike, but I think it worked out pretty well.

I'm pretty proud of these flowers, they were hard to make without Illustrator
2. For the Kid President/Make the World Dance contest

3. Another one for the bike bag contest- this one portrays how bikes are lifelines to some people, helping them in getting medicine, food, etc.

4. Kid president design: this time I actually made the world dance. Alas there is a similar design out there, I only hope that people won't think I copied it, I only saw it after I already conceptualized everything.

That is all, wow I need to sleep now! Good night, internet :)


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