Sunday, March 10, 2013

On Hobbit Holes + Spring Weather At Last!

I came across two adorable LOTR-themed miniatures:

1. Click here to go to the original blog post detailing how the bonsai tree in the picture below was made
Three things I love: an LOTR reference (Bag End, Bilbo Baggins' home), a bonsai tree and miniature art!

 2. A miniature replica of Bag End lovingly made by a fan - click here for more pictures and details from the artist herself, Maddie Chambers

OMG look at those teensy things! I'm my mother's daughter, she loves miniature things as well
I don't remember exactly how I got into The Lord of the Rings, but I do know that it's partly due to Harry Potter (my first foray into fantasy) and my penchant for reading books before they get turned into movies (or in this case, trilogies). Thank God that my best friend in high school was also into LOTR, I had someone to talk to and obsess about it with- at one point we both were writing in our respective diaries journals in Elvish. In case you want to know, she was better at it than I was (writing in Elvish), because between us she is more gifted in the arts. Not that it mattered to me, I was just glad that I wasn't alone in my LOTR fandom and with dreaming of having pointy ears (not hairy feet hahaha).

How come no one told me about this??? Putting their site on my favorites list in case I visit New Zealand
I think one of the reasons why people are drawn to LOTR is because of the gallantry that is so lacking in movies today - imagine going into war knowing you have to be within a few feet from your enemy in order to actually do any damage, with only a sword in your hand and heavy, clunky armor covering your torso. Another reason would be the theme of having a purpose in life, no matter who or what you are - in this case, a mere hobbit (instead of an experienced knight, a warrior dwarf, or a powerful elf) tasked with leading a group of seemingly worthier, stronger individuals in destroying an evil ring. The wise Gandalf knew that Frodo, though of short stature and without any experience in battle, had the kindness, humility and compassion that would eventually factor into the success of their quest. Sometimes I wish someone would just swoop in and tell me what my main mission in life is so I can start fulfilling it lol but then again I don't think I'll have the stamina to endure weeks of walking and of only eating Lembas, plus knowing that the fate of the world (or in this case, Middle Earth) rests in my hands would certainly weigh me down. In all seriousness though, that is the main reason why I loved LOTR - it was a good reminder that we are all put in to this world for a reason; we are all wonderfully made in His image and out of His love for us. Yep, YOU have a purpose in life. So chin up, smile and heave a huge sigh of relief. Don't abuse it though, remember that there are other people who are also sharing this beautiful world with you ;)

Wow, I certainly did not predict that this blog post would go in that direction, I blame it on the yummy Vietnamese coffee I ordered in Pho 95 in Laurel, MD, although I thought that it would be counteracted by the itis I got after consuming a large bowl of chicken pho. I told myself that I would only eat half of it so I can save the other half for lunch but my raging appetite got the better of me and I *burp* finished the whole thing off. The weather was blissfully warm and sunny (oh Spring, you are such a tease! Come in full force already, albeit with less rain if possible) when I drove down to Laurel to attend the second talk on Theology of the Body (based on Blessed John Paul's series of lectures and is currently being held once a month at Resurrection of our Lord Parish) but once the sun was gone it was cold again so I tempted everyone else into getting Pho with me hahaha. Plus it was the nearest restaurant, so I didn't really need to coax them, although a light prodding with an umbrella did help (I kid, I kid). I almost succumbed to asking for a fork in lieu of using their slippery chopsticks in order to quell my hunger pains but I'm a stickler for authenticity when it comes to food and besides, everyone else was ├╝ber-focused on eating so there was no need for me to be conscious of accidentally splattering soup on the table. Overall the chicken pho warmed me up, was satisfying and can't be beat for the price, but keep in mind that I'm a sucker for pho in general (I've only had a few bad experiences, thank God).

Vietnamese coffee and pho real authentic good chicken pho or Pho Ga
Aside from having a good meal to cap off the evening, I was also thankful for the fact that I had the wits to bring a warm jacket with me because the temperature dropped down to 42F once the talk was over (I get cold easily, a trait passed down by my maternal grandfather, who by the way cultivated a love for bonsai during his last years here). Yay for this gem of a find - a white jacket I got from Ross for cheap - which I can wear both during the transition into Fall and into Spring. Anyway, here's the outfit I wore earlier today (today being yesterday, gee whiz it's spring forward and 3:16am already, caffeine is still present in my nervous system and I am still wide awake O_O):

White jacket - Iris Basic / Cardigan - Nordstrom / Stripe top - H&M / Fox Necklace - c/o cousin / Shoes - Calvin Klein "Erica Mesh" seen here / Jeans - H&M / Earrings - Ralph Lauren (similar to these)
Perfect combo! Also, I love pairing black/white stripes with pastels :)
That is all! Good morning to you and don't forget to set your clocks an hour ahead (to those who live in the USA).


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