Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Outfits, videos and a threadless design

Exciting news guys and gals, my latest design for Threadless is up for scoring! Be a dear and vote for it here <3

Astro Basketball

Growing up, I remember watching a lot of basketball games with my father on our small tv and cheering with him even if I had no idea what was going on, seeing him play in his former company's league (I think he was an MVP a couple of times too? I need to verify this, though, but I'm pretty sure that despite the height disadvantage, he was a great player :) ), and in later years seeing him transition into coaching teams in my youth group, Youth For Christ. That was his other passion, aside from serving in Couples For Christ and jamming on his guitar during lazy Saturdays. Which is maybe the reason why, as "un-sporty" as I am (soccer and wall climbing being the only ones that I really like), I can tolerate watching basketball a lot more than watching football, and thus understand all the hype surrounding that particular game. The design above is a wink to my dad's love for basketball and a nod to one of my many childhood obsessions (I used to reread one particular book on Space during summer vacations). I hope you like it enough to give it a five :) And oh, an interesting tidbit: I asked my older brother to sketch it for me after describing in detail how I wanted it to look like, and he got it 100%! Awesome :D

Here's my outfit for today, in celebration of the uncannily warm weather we're having. Huzzah! I am so ready to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom on Wednesday ^_^
Button-down shirt: Halogen (similar shirt from Jones New York here)
Pants with belt: H&M (I will start collecting these, they're easily one of my dressiest and comfiest pair of pants!)
Leather bag: Cole Haan's Daisy Triangle Tote
Dressing room: Nordstrom Rack (I was returning an item that I intended to use for a contest and saw an opportunity to take an outfit picture hehehe)
Flats: Calvin Klein (my favorite pair, previously mentioned here)
Necklace: Burlington

Here's a closeup of the necklace, which I absolutely adore:
It's a chain of five pearl flowers, each with a rhinestone cluster in the middle - perfect for spring!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


For posterity's sake, a compilation of my creations:
03/2011: Ma's birthday, Red Velvet cupcakes

Dirt Track Racing Cake!

Yesterday was a double celebration as it was both Easter and my nephew's 4th birthday! So of course I had double the food hahaha jk but not really, I definitely felt the aftereffect earlier today (was really groggy and sluggish). Easter morning was spent on whipping up a car themed birthday cake from scratch, based on a recipe from Hershey's website and a basic buttercream recipe I found online. Are you ready to see it? Here it is! (Controlled sloppiness is key to this cake: it's supposed to emulate dirt track racing, after all!)

The dirt track is made out of crushed chocolate cookies while the grass is tinted vanilla buttercream frosting (kelly green gel tint, lots and lots of it)