Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bid on Jeffrey Campbells! Super cheap!

5 days to go until they're completely gone - a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Carmen pumps for only $45! They sell for $160 new. Gosh look at these babies! buy them here!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Roaring Twenties

What I wore for my church group's USA conference saturday night party in LA. Sticking to the Great Gatsby/flapper theme, I borrowed a dress from my aunt that had a sequin and bead-sprinkled top part and a nice drop-waist silk bottom with sash. The feather fascinator was made by my lovely cousin Eliza from (check out her site!) while my shoes were an awesome steal at DSW (the Clearance section is one of my bffs! I scored these suede beauties for $30). I wish I could post more pictures but these were the only ones that I was able to get from my friend. My hair, cumbersome as it is, refused to be pinned into a more appropriate style (I tried to follow Lauren Conrad's flapper hair tutorial) and thus became more 40's than 20's. It was a fun style though, and I'm planning on rehashing it come Fall/Winter. All in all a lovely night, as can be glimpsed through my tired but happy face :)

 The banner I made for our sector (Northeastern USA), which is supposed to reflect the theme "Proclaim the Greatness of God." I conceptualized and made this on the day before the start of the conference. Phew, I've never dwelt on an art project in a looong time! Made with felt, felt, hot glue, and more felt! (Plus lots of patience and burns from the glue gun)

An Acknowledgment

I am slowly acknowledging the presence of Fall, as it slowly inches its way into the East Coast. Earlier today the temperature was at a low of 61F when I went to work, which I prepared for by wearing a thicker-than-usual cardigan over the new top I got from H&M (I love it's sheer upper part, plus it's simple and chic and not expensive! Hurrah for thrifty girls like me :) ). I realized I looked so plain once I got home, so I spiced things up by matching the color of my lipstick with my glasses and added some accessories. I figured I should wear my black maxi skirt and black platforms too if I wanted that gothic girl vibe that's pretty popular (but I still am not into Fall completely, so I didn't do that). Worn with my spiked gray Zara flats which I got from my cousin last July. Sooo you think I can pull of an entirely goth-inspired look? What do you think? I might just do that soon :) (PS the Michael Kors jeans I'm wearing were from Nordstrom Rack, I got lucky and got them on sale for $15. Awesome, right?)
Pardon the scary look, I am no professional model! Hahaha.

Squeezing Summer!

The cold winds are arriving, so I’m trying to squeeze out all of my warm weather clothes! Of course I will still be using most of them in the coming months, but I want to spend what’s left of summer to display their individual beauty instead of being layered with other items (this particular top, though, would not be suitable for fall/winter). I still have dresses that have yet to see the light of day – I think I should start just dressing up the way I really want to (which is a little “extravagant”) instead of trying to blend in with jeans and tops most of the time, because in trying to blend in I tend to ignore a lot of my items. Do you do the same thing? Or are you bold enough to be as extravagant/glam as you want (if you do, I salute you, brave fellow fashion lover!)?

(Oh noes, it's getting colder! Time to release all thin-material clothes!)

Hair clip via
 Bag from Rebecca Minkoff (via Nordstrom)
Watch from Kenneth Cole
Top from H&M
Bangles from Forever21
Flower rings from Nordstrom
Heart ring from boyfriend
Belt from H&M
Skirt from a shop in Bethesda Row


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An ode to.. shopping!

Hullo! First and foremost, I'm Julie, a simple yet zany 26 year old (as of this writing) woman *cringe* who loves fashion, books, the arts and various geeky subjects. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you like something or learn something whilst browsing through my blog :) I leave you with a hastily written (but, hopefully, a grin-eliciting) poem

Ode to Shopping

Whenever I am down and in the dumps
I drag my feet and leather bag towards your lovely building

My eyes grow wide, my heart starts palpitating
Once I spot the word "Clearance" among your items

"Be still, my heart," I softly say while I clutch my light pink wallet
I straighten my glasses and clear my throat, try not to look too excited

I remember my promise to myself, not to splurge too much
Find something for my mom, then myself if within my budget

'Tis such a good thing I work near a place that easily fulfills
My desire for sartorial things at heavily discounted prices

And so I zip, I scour, I flit amongst your aisles of shoes, and bags and clothes
And carry out triumphantly an armload of good "scores"

For an hour or two I forget what it was I was sulking about
Instead I smile and with big skips I skip into my car

<3, Julie