Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have an online store again! :)

I used to sell my handmade polymer clay jewelry/sculpture on etsy (examples below):

but then I realized that there were a ton more people who were better at it than me (and sold their creations for less, haha! Well in my defense I was unemployed at the time since I just arrived in the US though I was volunteering in a nearby hospital). I mean, come on, look at this!
 picture taken from.. dear me, I can't find it again! It's from an item listed on etsy

They look like real Hostess Cupcakes! So after months of trying to make it work (greatly inspired by my cousin, the lovely lady behind jewelboxballerina.com, who eventually became successful), just doing my best at it, I admitted defeat. This time though, I'm setting my sights on something that I love doing, which is hunting for bargains! I'm extending my love for bargains to you, dear reader, which is why I set up shop over at ebay.com to make it easier for you to get awesome finds at ridiculous prices. Here's a delish sampling of items I currently have:

A super cute silk dress from Joie made of - what else - an adorable owl print! Highly recommended to wear with a pair of leather thong sandals or ankle boots/booties. Here's a close-up:
Isn't it a - forgive me - hoot? (Oh gosh, I hope my friends don't unfriend me lol)

Speaking of prints, this one also has an awesome print: I just L-O-V-E the flowers on this one! Believe me, I would wear this over and over again. Unfortunately I do not wear shorts that often and would fail to bring them the justice they deserve :(

Plus these cute frayed shorts that can be worn in the Fall too, if worn with the right accessories ;)

See my other items here:

That's it for now, dear readers! Please do come by my shop and check to see if you like anything, ok? ;)


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