Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An ode to.. shopping!

Hullo! First and foremost, I'm Julie, a simple yet zany 26 year old (as of this writing) woman *cringe* who loves fashion, books, the arts and various geeky subjects. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you like something or learn something whilst browsing through my blog :) I leave you with a hastily written (but, hopefully, a grin-eliciting) poem

Ode to Shopping

Whenever I am down and in the dumps
I drag my feet and leather bag towards your lovely building

My eyes grow wide, my heart starts palpitating
Once I spot the word "Clearance" among your items

"Be still, my heart," I softly say while I clutch my light pink wallet
I straighten my glasses and clear my throat, try not to look too excited

I remember my promise to myself, not to splurge too much
Find something for my mom, then myself if within my budget

'Tis such a good thing I work near a place that easily fulfills
My desire for sartorial things at heavily discounted prices

And so I zip, I scour, I flit amongst your aisles of shoes, and bags and clothes
And carry out triumphantly an armload of good "scores"

For an hour or two I forget what it was I was sulking about
Instead I smile and with big skips I skip into my car

<3, Julie

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