Monday, September 10, 2012

Roaring Twenties

What I wore for my church group's USA conference saturday night party in LA. Sticking to the Great Gatsby/flapper theme, I borrowed a dress from my aunt that had a sequin and bead-sprinkled top part and a nice drop-waist silk bottom with sash. The feather fascinator was made by my lovely cousin Eliza from (check out her site!) while my shoes were an awesome steal at DSW (the Clearance section is one of my bffs! I scored these suede beauties for $30). I wish I could post more pictures but these were the only ones that I was able to get from my friend. My hair, cumbersome as it is, refused to be pinned into a more appropriate style (I tried to follow Lauren Conrad's flapper hair tutorial) and thus became more 40's than 20's. It was a fun style though, and I'm planning on rehashing it come Fall/Winter. All in all a lovely night, as can be glimpsed through my tired but happy face :)

 The banner I made for our sector (Northeastern USA), which is supposed to reflect the theme "Proclaim the Greatness of God." I conceptualized and made this on the day before the start of the conference. Phew, I've never dwelt on an art project in a looong time! Made with felt, felt, hot glue, and more felt! (Plus lots of patience and burns from the glue gun)

Me and my lovely sisters :)

I loved the beading of the gown, very chic!


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