Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kmart Wish List

(I just realized that a lot of items I posted on Poylvore got reposted here! LOL sorry I'm such a newbie, but I cleared them all up.)

As most of you know, I'm a bargain shopper. I set limits on how much an item should cost - I will not pay more than $25 for jeans (unless they make me feel like I've got Jessica Alba's calves) or more than $20 for a top (unless it is extremely versatile, for a special occasion, or a classic). If you spot me in a higher-end boutique, I'll most likely be in the Sale/Clearance rack or if I'm not, I'm probably mentally taking pictures of items I like so I can find similar pieces with more reasonable price tags in other stores. So imagine my delight when I became a finalist for Kmart's "Money Can't Buy Style" fashion contest about 1 1/2 years ago, where I had the chance to create my best Kmart ensemble and wear it while on a Skype video conference with a fashion photographer.
All-grey, all-Kmart (except for the shoes - they're Hugo Boss ;) )

I had so much fun choosing what to wear - there's usually a sale at Kmart, and that time I went was no exception, so I was able to buy more items with the $100 gift card they gave me - but ultimately had to pick the ones that would look most expensive and make people *gasp* when they hear about the total price for my look. If I remember correctly, the top + vest + shorts only cost $35 (total!) while my shoes were an awesome find at Nordstrom Rack (another budget-conscious haven) - a pretty pair of leather and suede booties from Hugo Boss at only $25 from $120. I didn't win but the experience was well worth it, plus it didn't hurt that I got a free tablet too ;) This post is a big, long-overdue Thank You to Kmart for picking my entry and for adding more options to bargain-hunting fashionistas like moi. With the help of Polyvore, I put together the items I am currently coveting from Kmart's Spring 2013 lineup, mostly consisting of pastel (mint!) colored tops, floral pants and pretty dresses. Remember girls, money can't buy style! Don't let price tags define you - it's all in how you carry yourself/work it ;)

kmart wish list

kmart wish list play part 1

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