Friday, March 29, 2013

Nothing much

1. This morning, I was about to wear a top that I bought in the Philippines (but had not tried on, because I was in a hurry then) when I realized that I could not get it through my head. I kept thinking that there was a button somewhere that I missed, hoping in vain that I will get to wear it. Alas, it seems that it will be an impossible feat, and I will never get to don it unless I rip the neckline to fit my gigantic head :(

2. Star Trek Into Darkness is one of the movies I'm looking forward to watching soon, but at the same time I'm dreading to see it. Why? Because my current favorite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch (from "Sherlock," "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" and "The Hobbit," to name a few), is the villain! Will I spew bile at his mercilessness or smile at the deep timbre of his voice? Ah, I guess I just need to remind myself that he is an actor by trade, and while he is amazing at it, he is but another person living on the other side of the world. (Watching Sherlock is making me want to try my hand at forensic chemistry, though.)

3. I used to hate my hands - or more specifically, my fingers. I would stare enviously at other girls' units, wishing they- what people describe as "candle-like", long and elegant - were attached to me, too . Mine are shorter and stubbier compared to my Ma's, and there were times when I was a kid that I would secretly give Pa the stink eye for dominating over Ma's genes and passing them on to me. That is, until I saw that the very same ones were on Pa's mother, my Lola Annie. She who bore 8 daughters and a son with my Lolo Manny, who cooked all their meals (with Pa as her constant companion at the wet market) and made sure that their school uniforms and work clothes were washed and pressed and neat. Not to mention, whenever I went to visit my paternal grandparents during my recent trip to the Philippines, she would always have food that she knew I missed laid out on their table, and with a smile would urge me to have some more. One of the best days I had was when I took the family out to Laguna for lunch. On the way home, she remembered that there was a store famous for its Buko (coconut) pie, and she stood in line, out in the heat for a long time just to buy boxes of it, while all of us waited in my cousin's van. The next day, I was greeted by more food prepped by Lola Annie, and like she promised, one of them was a dish I sorely missed and longed to eat for years (escargot and fern in coconut milk). "We already had some last night, and we saved this portion for you because you said you love it!" Squeals and thank yous rushed out from me, I kid you not. Now, whenever I look at my hands, I no longer scrunch my nose at them and try to superimpose those of hand models on them (I still appreciate nice hands though, but I'm ok with mine! In fact, I'm blessed to have them). Now, I smile and remember how thankful I am for Lola Annie. I may have inherited Lolo Manny's love for writing, but it is with the hands I inherited from Lola Annie that I write and type with.

4. Finished my taxes, at last! Hurrah, the long battle with procrastination troll (tax edition) is over.

5. Reminder to myself: make a Futurama video wherein I try to do all the main characters' voices. "Good news, everyone!" I shall enjoy imitating Dr. Zoidberg's whooping *crab-shuffles out the door*

6. Tickets for John Mayer's Born and Raised tour will be up for sale tomorrow! *Whoop whoop*

7. Still crossing my fingers that it will be warmer than what is predicted for next week in DC, so my fingers won't fall off while taking pictures of the cherry blossoms. Ahh, so looking forward to that!

8. I'll be baking a race track-inspired cake for my nephew on his birthday celebration/Easter party this Sunday! I'm both excited and nervous, but I hope it will turn out alright. I'll post pictures and recipes if it turns out great :)


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