Friday, November 23, 2012

Threadless Tee Sale!

$9.99 shirts over at down from their usual $20 price. Since I already spent some moolah on forever21 items (mostly gifts, OK? :P) because they have a 50% off deal on all sale items (hello, $6-$8 for a cute top?), here is my mini wishlist of threadless shirts that I find witty and/or cute! :) Hurry, sale ends TODAY!

Side note: I'm still procrastinating on whether to go over Old Navy or not, since I and my cousin will be hitting the outlet malls tomorrow, but the deals in store are awesome too. I'm trying not to spend too much but all these Black Friday sales are not helping AT ALL.

I love owls, I think they're interesting creatures - You're a Hoot


Funny poster with a vintage vibe - Aliens Gave My Cat A Beard!

Two of my favorite references - Calvin&Hobbes and LOTR :)

Duh, it's Mario - Historical Reconstitution

Love the watercolor effect - Mumm Mumm Mumm

Whole pic so you could see what it looks like. Taken from an episode of Adventure Time

I love pugs hahaha :) Hot Dog

  How to do the Thriller dance: Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes

Nicely drawn illo, reminds me of vintage posters :) The Myths

Same case as the one with Cookie Monster, I love this technique - Lady Fox

Hope your Black Friday shopping is going great!


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