Thursday, November 15, 2012

Emily + Ross Scarves

Came across this contest through twitter! Their designs are so pretty, I want everyone else to get a chance to win one of these babies :) See!

LA Scarf:

I love all the tiny car details on the border, and when you actually wear it you can still see them! So cute :)

San Francisco Scarf:

I haven't been to this city except for their airport (speaking of which, I'll have a 10 hour layover this coming Christmas vacation on my way to the Philippines! It's in the morning too. Boo :( If it was at night, at least I could go out and explore or meet up with my cousin, but nooooo.), so I can't really relate to it except for the pretty illustration for the Golden Gate bridge and sealions :)

Palm Springs Scarf:

Another spot on my wishlist. Love the abstract design on the borders :)

My fave though is the LA scarf, if I win that it will definitely get a lot of mileage next spring/summer! If I don't win, then I hope a reader of this blog wins! Yay :) Leave a comment here if you do :)


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