Friday, November 23, 2012

Amazon $3.99 album sale!

One of the best deals out there, Amazon has a collection of new and recent albums for a mere $3.99 each. It's the album sales that keep singers/bands going, so show your support (and silently urge them to keep on cranking new music) by buying their album(s) :) If you have devices hooked on the Amazon mp3 app (I have both an ipod touch and a galaxy tablet), it's so easy to download an album after buying it, even more so if you set up "1-click" which will allow you to use your saved credit card and shipping information. So much easier to use than iTunes, if you ask me ;)

Here are my recent purchases and some that are still on my wish list (have to keep the Christmas shopping budget intact):

Black Friday Steals:

Albums I purchased full price but are currently on sale (!):

Wish List:

Happy shopping!


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