Sunday, November 4, 2012

Forever21's 21 Days of Style Instagram Challenge

F21 announced the 21 Days of Style contest (via Instagram) a couple of days ago, and so far I've revolved my outfits around the "item for the day" calendar they have:

If you plan on joining, integrate what is posted for the day into your look and post a photo of it on Instagram and tag the following: the item (ex. #reds), @Forever21 and #21daysofstyle.

It's so hard when you're uninspired though, so my day 2 entry was kind of pitiful. I've been stressed lately, okay :P Anyway, posted below are my current entries, and if I miss posting some of them you can also follow me on Instagram (@juliepat)

Day 1: Knits
(pink sweater from my aunt, necklace from the Philippines)

Day 2: Rings
(Nine West watch, sterling silver ring from Nordstrom, long black ring from a shop in Jersey Gardens)

Day 3: Reds
(aka What I Wore to Work on a Saturday: F21 red/cream striped sweater, rainbow scarf from the Philippines, Ross red jeans, Pac Sun cream oxfords, necklace via my cousin Eliza

Day 4: Pumps
(Loft leopard top, Rebecca Minkoff bag, F21 gold bangles, Nine West pumps, Mossimo green cargo skinnies)

I have to confess though, the above outfit was the one I had in mind yesterday. I ended up with my brown leather flats and no accessories (save for my gold shell earrings and gold crucifix/scapular necklace) because I had to rush out for the 7:30am mass. I could have worn this had I known earlier that daylight savings time ended this morning and not tomorrow, and would have gotten more sleep instead of trying to sleep in my car before mass (a lady tapped on my window and asked if I was ok, because I draped my scarf over my face lol). Funny, I kept saying "Sorry!" to God for being late but then I ended up being super early hahaha :) Oh well! Such is life :) Anyway, tell me if you're joining the contest too, so we can draw inspiration from each other :)


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