Monday, November 5, 2012

Chloé Frames, Chocolate Truffles and Walk the Moon

I was so happy my frames finally arrived that I ate my last Champagne Truffle from Teuscher New York in celebration hahaha :) Gosh I should have taken a photo before I ate it! :c Anyway, you can buy them here:, get the mini ones, they're absolutely delicious!

 Nomnomnom! The champagne-infused center just melts and the chocolate shell is super smooth

I've been binging on chocolates lately, especially after I watched Romantics Anonymous, a beautiful, quirky French film about two introverts who share the love for chocolates. One of my favorite scenes is the one were they try some of their chocolate..mmm!

I wish I could be a chocolatier, but I'll probably just eat them all hahaha

Going back to the topic..
I thought they had gotten lost somewhere due to Sandy. I got them for $49 (originally $184) from Groupon and actually do need them because my current brown ones from Giordano are getting lopsided/wonky despite having them repaired at Costco Optical. I love how pretty and sophisticated the packaging is. You can definitely tell that they are designer specs <3 My only quibbles are the small gold orbs at the tips of the arms because they tend to get caught in my hair and that they're a little heavier than I'm used to. We'll see :) Good thing I have a vision plan and can have these done over at Costco Optical.

 My wonky brown glasses

 You can tell that it's definitely made in France, not because of the "made in France" sign stamped on the inside of the arms but because of the craftsmanship.

 I like the simple design, very classy, very Chloé

 I hope they don't make me look too old :P

But if they do, I'm ready with my mean librarian look lol

One extra thing, look at what I got from Nordstrom Rack the other day! Would you believe that these were $6 from $50? Such a steal! I don't know how I'm going to style them though, but the color is gorgeous. Dark, luscious green = <3 I think I'll feel like a lizard when I wear them hahaha :)

I'll end with the video for Walk The Moon's song Tightrope (I luckily came across them one youtube-browsing day). They're currently on tour and will swing by the 930 Club in Washington DC on Jan. 31! Tickets are available here for only $17 (I heard their concerts are fun):

Hope you get to like them, too! :)


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