Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's talk about.. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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What is it with Joseph-Gordon Levitt? He may not be crowned the "world's sexiest man," but he's one of the few and far-between male celebrities whom most people like and respect (I did a poll at my workplace, and the general consensus was he is both good-looking and a good actor). I wonder where his appeal stems from - is it because he is non-threatening to guys due to his slight build (though he did bulk up for his role in Looper, so that may change things a bit) or his boyish/boy-next-door charm? Do you have your own reason(s)? Tell me in the comments section! Let's have a long discussion hahaha :) (I would like to think he is one of the best actors among that age bracket, and he doesn't come off as a know-it-all even if he really is smart. Or maybe it's the dimples and the way his eyes become so small when he smiles and he looks like a cute little kid? Kind of like my boyfriend minus the dimples haha :) )

By the way, he and his company, hitRecord, will start touring soon! Their first stop is at the Warner Theater in Washington DC on Nov. 13, I'll probably go :) To check out their other stops and to buy tickets, go here:


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