Monday, February 18, 2013

Semi-productive Day

Watched the first quarter of District 9 on my tablet via Crackle, called up my parents because it's their anniversary (29th! Have to save up for their 30th :) ), chatted with my big bro online, ate breakfast and lunch, did my laundry, cleaned the basement, and in between all of that I managed to churn out two three Threadless submissions.

 I hope the animated gifs above aren't too much haha. First off:


This one's for the Power Tanks contest, to motivate the wearer to work out. I had to look these up:
1. Pictures of robots (illustrated, mechanized and toys)
2. Abs - because I don't have any :P
3. Metal - or specifically, how light bounces off it

I had to do it with a minimum amount colors but still have the look of metal to it, and it had to look like it was actually hole-y/ripped. Whew!

My other submission was for the socks competition. The concept of a dragon scale pattern had been on my mind for ages, but I always failed in executing it (they wouldn't form a proper pattern and would horribly overlap, making me more and more frustrated after each attempt), until earlier today where it all just clicked and I was able to finish it. Thank God I am finally able to get this out of my system so I can focus on other projects! This one was inspired by all the dragon movies/books I've been exposed to, and is a tribute to one of my current favorite bands, Imagine Dragons (they have a concert on Feb. 22nd but I wasn't able to get a ticket, boo, scalpers hoarded everything and have been selling them at 500% the original ticket price! :c ) 


It's a little hypnotic and 3D-ish, right? Right? Haha.

I was into the pattern-making groove, so I said why not try the Threadless Fall 2013 Select contest? I kept thinking about the best fandoms there are and decided on doing a tribute to Star Wars. I don't think people will get enough of Star Wars, what with Disney just recently acquiring the rights to it (I still wonder how JJ Abrams will pull it off, I don't think an alternate universe will work this time around). Anyway, here's my simple design (3 colors on white):


 And a close-up of the design:

Well, at least I can say that I enjoyed the holiday (Happy President's Day!) and that I had been productive too :)

Oh, and my recent submission is up for public voting! Yay :D Vote here:

It's for the "You are Beautiful" campaign/contest, and I was inspired by Alfalfa singing to Darlene in the movie "The Little Rascals." Hands up if you thought it was the cutest thing ever!

To help you remember, I found a clip of it on Youtube. Enjoy!

Plus another bonus video from the original Little Rascals :)

Thanks for dropping by!


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