Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Grammy Awards: Favorite Outfits

I always look forward to Grammys fashion because musicians tend to take more risks than those who attend other ceremonies like the Oscars or Cannes. I guess it's because they have more room for experimentation since their form of art is more expressive than, say, acting. Here is a list of who I think ruled the red carpet last night (all images taken from

Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia- the classiest outfit I have ever seen from her. It suited her perfectly and erased most of the bad ones from my memory.

Florence Welch in Givenchy - this talented musician's personality definitely showed through her reptilian-inspired dress. It's unique like her voice and deadly like her songs.
Adele in Valentino - say what you want, but I absolutely loved this dress. I loved the intricate pattern and the silhouette (very ladylike) and it was very unexpected from Adele, who usually wears black/blue dresses.

Chrissy Teigen in Joy Cioci - John Legend's beau knows how to work a slit - not too high, and the cut of the upper part of the dress balances it out. Unlike J Lo's which looks like a curtain she draped on and cut some holes for her legs and arms. I am also partial to lace dresses/texture which J Lo's dress lacked.

Kimbra - I absolutely adore Kimbra, and loved her even more because of this dress! It's cute and ethereal, and she let the dress do the talking. It definitely fit her personality and looks like it can be worn to one of her music videos. See one of them here: Kimbra - Cameo Lover

Karlie Kloss in Michael Kors - I loved the cutouts and the color, which complemented her and her new signature bob. Whenever I look at this picture, I have the urge to go out and cut my hair as short as hers, but then I remember how much my hair poofs out because it's dense but the hair strands are thin. Eep!

2 Chainz in Versace - All the men looked either dapper or the opposite of dapper (choose your own word), except for this guy. He just looked plain awesome, giving off a vampiric vibe in his cape. (I love capes, so I am really biased with this one, hahaha)

Estelle in Genelle Brooks x Love Collins - The midriff was a great way to break up the pattern of the dress, thus making it less overwhelming. I love the print and subdued colors, plus the way it hugs her curves in the right places = A+ (take note, J Lo! You don't need to show skin to look beautiful)

Janelle Monae in Moschino - Cute as always. Is it weird that sometimes I wish she would just randomly do the Tightrope dance steps on the red carpet? Anyway, this girl has genuine swag.

Excited for the Oscars and the array of couture it will serve up :)

<3 lots,