Sunday, February 10, 2013

Commencing Outfit Flood in 3..2..

Long absence = a barrage of outfits! I tried my best to take pictures of worthwhile ones, and since I have no camera-touting friend/boyfriend/mom around (which is almost always the case with bloggers, I will have to use this excuse until I can bribe someone to take my pictures regularly lol) these will have to do! Warning: most of them contain Forever 21 items, which were from the huge sale they had before Christmas break. I even bought a pair of hot pink heeled Mary Janes because I thought they were cute, but I don't think I'll ever really wear them. I definitely went crazy that one time ($5 shoes! $2 top!, etc.).

Wore the shirt I got from a Temper Trap concert underneath a Forever 21 cropped knit sweater. I was really cold so I added my favorite rainbow-striped scarf. Ta-da! To think I used to hate red :p

My "pattern overload" combo. I loved it though, because it was super warm and lively, and cheered me up throughout the day. Scarf and sweater (supposedly oversize but I shrunk it in the dryer - whoops! Haha I love it this way though) from Forever 21, watch from Kenneth Cole, shirt from H&M. I liked that the hearts from the scarf look like they were perfectly cut out from the sweater. Me and my weird tendency to spot patterns!

Animal print madness - it wasn't too cold (in the 40s instead of the usual high 20s/lower 30s), so I decided to wear an extra thick shirt with cheetah print sleeves from Forever 21, a leopard print scarf from Mango, a necklace from Bangkok (c/o my friend), a brown pleather jacket from Wilson's and a tortoiseshell watch from Relic. I borrowed the hoodie from my friend when I left my jacket in my car, thinking that it would be nice and warm throughout the day, only to be greeted by winds and some rain after work :/

One of my favorite, simple outfits to date: a pink knitted tunic from Forever 21 (I swapped the garish neon green belt that came with it with a black one), black skinnies from Nordstrom and a silver tone collar necklace from a mall in New Jersey. I wore this to the fun. concert at DAR Constitution Hall in DC (fun note: a lady approached me and asked if I was an actress on TV. I said "No" and smiled, then she asked if I was used to people asking me that, and she was going to try to remember the name of that actress. I never saw her again, though). It was very memorable and electric (the background effects were cool too, and helped with the overall ambiance), you definitely would not want to skip the opportunity to watch them live if you like their songs :) Other snaps (some from Instagram) of me being a fangirl and trying not to irritate people around me by suppressing my banshee-like screams:

Teal skirt from Mossimo, necklace from a stall in Greenhills, sweater from Pink Rose, nail stickers (black with gold glitter) from Sally Hansen. Those nail stickers were not hard to put on, but they tore easily so I had to patch up some of them. I only wore them for 4 days before they started peeling off really badly, and the removal process was long and tedious. I had a hard time getting them off my nails, and they kept getting smudged onto my fingers :( Needless to say, I'm not going to wear black nail polish, nail stickers and glitter nail polish again, unless other people do the application and removal for me!

Green "glitter" top from KMart's Attention line, leopard print scarf from MNG, black skinnies from Nordstrom (I need more than one pair of these :/)

Blue abstract top and gray freshwater pearl earrings from Greenhills, faux pearl necklace from Trinoma, grey skinnies from H&M. I love this silhouette, it's flattering and comfy at the same time. Gimme that plate of cheese-laden fries!

Weird closeup picture. I don't know why I make that face sometimes, maybe I think it's cute even when it isn't hahaha. Ahh, it probably only works on my goddaughter who smiles like this. I miss that cutie-patootie! These black + gold glitter nail strips are really nice to look at but taking into account all the hassle that went with it -never again-!

Black and white abstract top from Bayo, headache from sleeplessness and food coma (c/o a resto in DC, yumyum!), black necklace from Greenhills, gray skinnies from H&M.

 Images from

Heart cardigan from Forever 21, blouse from I don't know where (I seriously don't, too lazy to look it up haha it is almost 12mn here), hot pink skirt from NY and Co, pointy cream flats from Ivanka Trump. I wore this to our Valentine assembly for SFC, from which I learned a lot of things. The speakers were a married couple and they were on the young side, so we actually spoke the same language haha!

I almost forgot, I and two friends/sisters watched Warm Bodies yesterday, it's witty and cute, I highly recommend that you watch it :) It's NOT Twilight, I loved the soundtrack plus it is well-written and well-acted. Nicholas Hault is getting my thumbs up for giving life to this role *snicker*

We also swung by Forever 21 (H&M was too crowded) and I had to let go of these two gems :( They were well-made too, and the fabrics were of good quality *sigh* and they were 50% off *double sigh*

Whew, that was long, but hopefully you and I both were inspired by this! Now off to sleep :)

<3 lots and lots,

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