Saturday, February 23, 2013


One of the most memorable things that ever happened to me was when I won the Threadless dog hoodie challenge, besting Threadless' top illustrators with such a simple illo. I know they hold tons of challenges every year, but to be able to tickle people's funny bones and earn a lot of 5's - good gosh - I could not help but squeal at work when I got the email that my design won.  A lot of high fives ensued that day, haha! Still, I am by no means an illustrator, I consider myself a winner but I don't think I'll ever be in the same league as other Threadless illustrators.

Case in point: a fellow Filipina designer who's currently based in China, Hana Bascano. Her vector designs are so good. See for yourself! Images taken from and


Here's her winning Threadless design collab with Janice Golosino, "If There's a Rocket, Tie Me to It"
available here as a shirt and tank:

I just emailed her for a collab to the Fantastic Four contest on Threadless (based on the comics, not the movies; I believe they have different licenses/ownership), and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll agree on it! I'm keeping it under wraps for now but I really hope she sees the potential in my rendering and make it look like a winner :D That might just help me get better from this cold hehe *sniffle*

Then there are graphic artists who specialize in creating concept art like Peter Lee of

I wonder if they dream of these places or wish for them to exist :) (except of course if it's a post-apocalyptic era lol)

And Jan Ditlev Christensen of 

And Frederic St-Arnaud of and

Funny story: people thought that the above image of Coll├Ęge de Valleyfield in Quebec, Canada was real (i.e. the waterfalls really exist) only to visit it and find out that it only had a smattering of trees and a road in front of it.

Then, there's my cousin Kai from, who does animation, traditional drawings, and flash games! Here are some samples of his work:

The last one's a demo reel for animation he did for the Cowboys vs Zombies app/game :) Too bad it's not available on Itunes anymore, but there are sample videos on Youtube. Here's the official trailer:

Sorry for the data-hogging post, but I couldn't post the pictures in lower resolutions because if I did that their beauty will be lost. Lastly, please show some love for the designs I have that are up for scoring by giving them a generous 4 or 5!

May the (work)Force be with You!
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That's about it! *achoo!* Gesundheit and stay healthy, everyone :)

<3 and sniffley yours,

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