Monday, August 12, 2013

Outfit Post - Everything's Coming Up Roses, The Socialite, The Stepford Wife

Just a few memorable outfits I wore in the past week :)

1. Everything's Coming Up Roses - I love the idea of black and pink, but find that most combos are too harsh and punk-ish (I don't want to be perceived as a poseur). That is, until I found this really pretty, flower print top by Michael Kors on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $9 (plus it's made in my homeland, too!). I have no idea what species of flower adorns it, all I know is that it was a steal and the soft, soft fabric was love at first touch. The tiny black specks that adorn the shirt tie up nicely with the black from my super-cheap but super classy printed Loft pants (styled differently here: Outfits), and I paired them both with pink/black suede Kicheya flats from Nine West (on sale here:

I remember the first print-on-print pairing I did when my Ma started to let me dress for myself - an oversized, gray Goofy shirt with floral denim shorts (one leg had blue flowers, the other leg had pink flowers) - and I loved the combo so much I wore it repeatedly when I was 9. Heyyyy who knew I was a budding fashionista? (One other outfit I loved, oh 90's fashion, was denim overalls + tee + black Skechers with heels. I was a genius. LOL). Anyway, here's the aforementioned outfit with the quintessential blogger bun! The bag is a convertible vintage leather purse by Coach that I snagged for $10 at Urban Outfitters in DC. Mwahahaha.

Top - Michael Kors
Belt - Michael Kors
Bag- Coach
Pants - Loft
Shoes - Nine West

2. The Socialite - Inspired by the chic Blair of, I began acquiring huge neck baubles that add more oomph to outfits, and this one was no exception. It was hot on that particular day (it rained at around 10pm), so shorts were the only option. We celebrated my friend's birthday at Oya, a classy Asian-French fusion restaurant in DC, so I had to make my shorts look the part. But how do you style $18 Mossimo shorts from Target and make it look like a pair of $200 Phillip Lim shorts? Simple: wear it with a luxe-looking top (preferably a little loose so you can balance the amount of skin you're showing with the amount of silhouette you're not showing), add the right accessories and voilĂ  you can start rubbing elbows with the chichi crowd there. Or just have a great time talking to your friends while eating the delectable three-course meal you ordered (just make sure that the molten chocolate cake does not get in between your teeth!). How would you style your shorts to make them look classy? Reply in the comments section below!

Necklace - SM Dept. Store ($3 I think?)
Top - Kenneth Cole, on sale here :
Shorts - Mossimo, get it here:
Bag - DKNY, I bought it for $200 less at TJ Maxx, but you can buy it here:
Shoes - Kenneth Cole, infinitely more expensive version here:

3. The Stepford Wife - Pearls? Check. Structured, knee-length tea dress? Check. Classic print and colors? Check. Blow dried hair? Check. Insincere smile? Hopefully not! Haha. This was the outfit I wore to a friend's bridal shower, where I won the trivia game (it helped that I am good at taking in random info!). The dress was very comfy and easy to move in, and I can see myself wearing it for a long time, or at least until I can't squeeze myself into it anymore. It's from Tommy Hilfiger, one of the brands that I would love to wear every single day if and when the opportunity comes (if you're curious to know, the other ones are: Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs). The pearl necklace is from the Philippines, and is made up of flat, irregularly-shaped pearls - so unique looking and much less expensive than South Sea pearls!
Dress - Tommy Hilfiger (similar style here:
Bag - Banana Republic (bid for them here:
Espadrille wedges - Ralph Lauren (similar ones here:

Stay classy!

<3 lots,

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  1. Love your style. Perfect with the makeup and the hair do. Your pictures do seem to look a little forced try to smile a little naturally.