Saturday, July 20, 2013

Outfits :)

I love bargains, but one thing I've learned is to not buy items that are very trendy. You'll wear it once, probably twice, then you won't want to wear it again. Now that doesn't really help you save money while being fashionable, does it? I'm starting to invest in pieces that I know I'll wear for a long time, and I've also disciplined myself into properly trying things on because while they look good on a hanger or sitting pretty in a shoe box, they might not fit you well or flatter you (I've sworn off of patent leather shoes, which are cute but can cause a lot of chafing on the backs of your heels!). Anyway, these are two outfits that I've worn in the past few days. Get ready to see the amazing deals I got for these items ;)

Outfit 1:
 Top: LOFT - $15 from $50 (from their 60% off sale)
Jeans: H&M - $10 from $35
Leather sling bag: Banana Republic - $35 (?) from $120
Vegan leather flats: Urban Outfitters - $20 from $40
Necklace: (from the Philippines) $5

Flowers and vases on cast-iron holder (?) from Michaels :) Balloons from my roomie's birthday!
Outfit 2:
 Top: Forever21 - probably around $12 (I have two of these, the other one is just black and white)
Pants: LOFT - $5!!!!!! Clearance bins are THE BEST :D
Heels: Diane von Furstenburg - FREE. Won these babies in a contest ;)
I LOVE THE PRINT ON THIS BLOUSE. One day I'll be able to do similar ones in Photoshop.. :)
These DvF sandals have a wooden heel and luxurious suede leather straps. Lovelovelove <3

I can't wait for the FUN. concert tomorrow, it's the second time I'll be seeing them live and the first time that I'll be THISCLOSE to the stage. I'll show you the shirt that I DIY-ed for the concert in another post very, very soon! Until then :)


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