Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer concerts: Hanson!

Can you believe that Hanson has been around for 21 years? In celebration of this milestone, they created their sixth studio album named ANTHEM (full of uplifting songs) and right now they're touring the country to showcase their new songs and celebrate their old hits. I was lucky enough to live near their stop in the tri-state area and that I got to watch them last June 15 at The Fillmore in Silver Spring with my new housemates/roomies! It was nostalgic alright, and of course we were one among many of fan girls ladies whose shrill screams were unlocked after decades of daydreaming of seeing them perform live. I still can't believe that they're all (handsome) fathers and husbands now, but then again I think it's their way of keeping themselves grounded since they're touring a lot and are constantly surrounded by girls ladies who've had crushes on them since they were teens. Their new music is lovely as expected, and I particularly fell for the song Juliet (it's almost my name! lol But seriously, it's the beat that gets me plus the sweet lyrics). Here's a video of the said song from a fellow fan who went to the same concert:

Bonus: a picture of my tired face next to a HANSON chalk-drawn logo. Bear in mind that I also went to the NKOTB/98degrees/BoyzIIMen concert the day before this pic was taken. I don't have a lot of "evidence" from that concert though, because we were seated in the farthest area at the Verizon Center. Next time I'll save money so I'll have a chance of receiving a red rose <3
I covered the second N in HANSON lol but you get the gist
The song below is 13 years old but it hits home hard, more so that my birthday's coming up.
I'll just sing along to Taylor as motivation :) "And we won't go down!"

I already mentioned this song before but I will NEVER get tired of promoting it hahaha. I love it, very reminiscent of college crushes <3 Penny and Me will forever be my favorite Hanson song, unless they come up with something that has the perfect balance of being unapologetically mushy yet sweet and innocent at the same time. Juliet comes close, but not quite.

Cause Penny  Julie and me like to roll the windows down
Turn the radio up, push the pedal to the ground
And Penny Julie and me like to gaze at starry skies
Close our eyes, pretend to fly
It's always Penny Julie and me tonight

I love the fact that they didn't go through the route of the Bee Gees, who despite being brothers, were not particularly close to each other outside their performances. After learning that tidbit, I couldn't help but feel sad for them, because they let fame and creative differences come between what could have been the closest and purest bonds you can form in this life. Hanson, on the other hand, are obviously close-knit, otherwise how could they keep coming up with fresh, new heartfelt songs? I also love that they let each other shine when performing, and how they harmonize really well (see video below. Don't go comparing them to Boyz II Men though, because while B2M are better at singing, these guys play instruments. Apples to oranges!). Ego schmego, when it comes to true brotherhood they got it down pat! Brb, calling my brothers on skype to see if we could come up with a project that will bring the ka-ching in :))

I've been lonely
I've been cheated
Been misunderstood
I've been washed up
Put down
And told I'm no good
But with you I belong
'Cause you help me be strong
There's a change in my life
Since you came along

Just lovely <3

You can buy their new album on Amazon for $10. Help artists continue to churn out songs that you'll love :)
Here's the link:

Up next: Hanson's opening acts, Parachute and Honor by August!

A shout out to The Fillmore in Silver Spring, which is hands down the best concert venue in the area! I love intimate venues like these because you really get to connect with the artist/performer, plus an added bonus is that the crowds here are well-behaved. Also, the acoustics are great, and the lights (if harnessed properly) are awesome. It helps too that it's in the same city where I live hehehe.


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