Sunday, November 24, 2013

Longing for Summer / For the love of boots

As I sit freezing in front of the computer, I find my mind drifting towards memories of warm, bright Summer days in the Philippines. Floating on calm seawater (I have yet to find one with a similar temperament here in the US) with eyes closed, listening to the muffled sounds of the ocean, skin slowly bronzing from the rays peeking through clouds, and wondering how long I've been out there and how far away I'd been taken from the beach by tiny waves and gentle winds. Swiping off the cold sweat from the sides of a glass of fresh mango juice and discreetly patting it onto hot patches on my face. Opening all the windows in my room at night to let the slightly colder winds through, bringing along with it the sound of crickets and unmistakeable VROOOOM of tricycles struggling to go uphill (and the occasional Karaoke singing that goes on til the wee hours of the morning). No matter how long I stay here in the East Coast, I am perfectly sure that I will forever be an island girl at heart, and I will be fine with drastic temperature fluctuations as long as I am granted a yearly exodus to sandy beaches and the sound of waves lapping on the shore.

Winter (the temperature being at the low 30s, I think it is safe to assume that Fall has already come and gone) for me is somewhat bearable because I love layering clothes and wearing boots (the two things that get me through dreary weather). My current obsessions are pointy, buckled boots which make me feel like a cross between a character in a Spaghetti Western film, a wannabe cast member of Sons of Anarchy and an amalgam of my favorite fashion bloggers (who all love the same types of shoes as I do). The more buckles, the better (I am part-magpie, methinks). Below is a collection of boots, mostly from Sam Edelman and Jeffrey Campbell, that I will wear 'til the soles fall off if ever I get my hands on even one of them. Here you go, and here's to hoping a pair will magically appear on my doorstep without me having to pay a single cent.



One other thing I love: indoors, cocooned in a blanket, curled on the sofa with a good book, a warm cup of hot cocoa within arm's reach.

Wishfully thinking,

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