Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scrumptious Sunday: Lemon Pound Cake / A Baking Mishap

When I made these cupcakes I was left with four egg yolks (just using egg whites for baking a cake, like in angel food cake, makes it fluffier, hence the leftover yolks). I had no desire to throw them out (that would be such a waste!), so I used them as an excuse to bake again. As luck would have it, the first result for my google inquiry of "four yolks" led me to a page from which lists links to recipes on other blogs that use one yolk up to twelve yolks! Clever, really, and now I have it bookmarked just in case I have leftover yolk again (or the next time I bake vanilla cupcakes, which will be pretty soon!)

I settled on the Lemon Pound Cake because it sounded easy to make and I had most of the ingredients on hand. Granted, I used an 8"x8" pan, which resulted in a denser cake (I miss my equipment! I have a loaf pan that I used once to make banana bread before it was put into storage), but it's delicious as promised by the author that it is almost gone. Mostly eaten by me. Hahaha, Winter is definitely coming :)

Baking mishap: On hindsight I should have cut the baking time by a couple of minutes since the pan I used has a larger surface area than a loaf pan, but I was about to be late for an SFC meeting and thus wasn't thinking all too clearly (thank God my roomie was there to take it out once the timer went off), which resulted in a drier cake. My bad! Good thing the texture was similar to toasted mamon (with a hint of lemon), so that made up for my mistake (I looove toasted mamon). The next time I bake this, it'll be in an actual loaf pan, and it would be soooo good it would be gone in a day. And not just by me ;)

Click here for the recipe --> Lemon Pound Cake by :)

Happy baking (or eating, if you can bribe someone else to make this for you hehehe)
and have a great and blessed week ahead!

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