Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sick of being sick

Ugh, my throat is itching like CRAZY. It's weird because I've been feeling ok these past few days despite being sleep-deprived. Or maybe that's the cause of whatever it is I have, because I held up pretty well when I needed to (headed a short presentation of "It's A Wonderful Life" for SFC's Christmas party last Friday and attended meeting on Saturday morning) and just collapsed once my duties were done. Anyway, enough of the negativity and let's stick to the positive side of life!

I finally was able to wear my emerald-green reptile print pants yesterday, and debuted it with my flowy black top from New York and Co., a turquoise statement necklace from my cousin (the lovely Eliza from, black suede boots (worn here: Uneven Layers) and my trusty Dooney&Bourke black leather bag which I got from Poshmark for $50 (sweet!). The pants are pretty hard to style though, so I'll probably just stick to black, silver, tan, brown and dark blue tops. Maybe a good yellow jewel toned top? Hmm..

Here's a good photo inspiration for my pants' next outing:

And here's a sneak peek of my "look" for our Christmas party. I loved my curls, I wish I could do it everyday but constantly exposing your hair to that much heat would be very damaging. I used an old 1.25" curling iron with a clip because my 1" would not cooperate with me (due to the larger diameter, I didn't get the combed out pin curls look that I wanted, but it's ok).
Don't know what else to say, except good night! Hope you guys are well and good, and that this will be gone by tomorrow :)


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