Monday, December 10, 2012

LEGO HappyHoliplay Contest

I remember building rockets, spaceships, planes, cars and houses out of those small, colorful blocks with my older brother when we were kids, and being sad when I had to destroy them to make new things. Fine, LEGO blocks make me nostalgic! I'll cut to the chase before I get all weepy about how much I miss being a kid: LEGO is holding a contest and it's so easy to join. Simply build one of their Christmas-related items (using LEGO of course) and take a photo of the said item, remembering to relate the picture to what the item is. Good gosh, that took a while to type, so just head on the link below because I think my sinus problem is blocking my brain's capacity to work properly:  

Here's a video too:

I really, really hope you win!!! :)

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