Saturday, October 6, 2012

Forever21 Wish List

F21 is a go-to store for those of us who want to stay within budget and still be on-trend. But does being on a budget mean you have to compromise the quality of what you'll be buying? This is actually one of the reasons why I mostly buy from the clearance section of higher-end stores because at almost the same prices, you get better-quality goods that will last more than your cheaper (i.e. Forever21, Old Navy, H&M, Charlotte Russe, etc.) items ever will. Which is not to say that there is a complete lack of quality goods in those aforementioned stores, it just means that online shopping is a little dubious for those brands (in terms of sizing/fit and the "feel" of the material), and that I highly recommend you personally touch and see and critique every item (especially the seams, you don't want your item to need a repair after just 1 wash!) before handing over your hard-earned dollars. In my recent foray into Forever 21, these are the items that caught my eye and looked like they will last until you grow tired of them.

On-trend ostrich-embossed faux leather, this bag will definitely take you places! It looks sturdy and comparable to the Rebecca Minkoff Ostrich MAC Bomb clutch that I got on sale for $80 (from $330!) at Nordstrom Rack. 

A hint of Chanel's classic quilted handbag without looking like a knock-off Woven shoulder bag - $29.80

Surprisingly, they have a lot of classy blouses that would not look out of style for a while. Classy and classic! They also are easy to look after, you don't need to bring out the ironing board. Immediately hang them after they're done tumble drying, and you're good to go! Make sure not to place them with clothing that have sharp edges which can definitely rip these fabrics. These are my picks:

 For a more casual look:

I haven't seen this in person, but that draping is just gorgeous! Cowl Neck Dolman Top - $17.80

The quintessential animal print (jaguar, not leopard) - $17.80

I personally think a skirt with a hint of leather is sexier than an all-leather skirt. It doesn't make weird noises when you sit down, too. Faux leather trimmed skirt - $17.80

As for their shoes, I find them too cheap-looking and heavy (especially the ones with wedges or chunky heels). I personally believe you can find better shoes made of real leather from Nordstrom Rack or Urban Outfitters, which will definitely give you more bang for your back.

Hope you like my selection, and 'til my next entry! (Next stop: awesome sale items at Urban Outfitters without looking too much like a hipster)

Lots of Love,

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