Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In The Spotlight: Jackie Francois

While browsing through my Facebook wall, I came across a post by a young friend of mine about her role model, Jackie Francois. Having never heard of her name before, I did a quick Google search and learned that blogs via her website
A singer/songwriter and speaker, Jackie also blogs about different issues that are connected with her Catholic faith. If you're a young lady as well, I highly recommend her blog as it deals with a lot of issues that I had been blessed to have discussed about in my own church group, Youth For Christ, when I was growing up. Her blog is very insightful, witty and not condescending at all, and is very helpful especially if you're searching for answers to sensitive questions. With the month of November looming near, the topic of overtly sexy Halloween costumes is trending once more, and I find her and Leah Darrow's insight on the topic to be respectful and guided by the much-loved and applauded Theology of the Body teaching by Blessed John Paul II. Check it out here :)
Here's my more secular take on the trend back in 2012:

I don't really celebrate Halloween (except of course if I have a really cool, geeky idea for a costume), but I'm curious as to what you're planning to wear that night! Tell me what it is in the comments section :)


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  1. Contrary to others, i really enjoy halloween and more than christmas to be honest. I think its such a great festival. Everyone wears something, trick n treat and love the spooky feel of it.