Monday, March 3, 2014

Anyone Can Cook!

I am not a naturally gifted cook. I can't whip up an edible dish from seemingly incompatible ingredients like the talented contestants on the show Chopped (case in point: an appetizer made out of chicken wings, soba noodles, celery, and string cheese). I am learning though, and even if I know I will never be able to cook like a Michelin-starred chef, with persistence, practice, and the help of numerous recipes on the world wide web, I can finally bring real food to gatherings and also stop relying on microwaveable meals (have you seen the ingredient list on those things? Most of the meat products are full of fillers and flavor enhancers, yet they still taste blah). Cooking at home will not only save you money, it will also help you if you're trying to eat healthier (try to search for dishes that aren't fried, and have plenty of vegetables incorporated into them). Whenever I don't feel like cooking, I try to remember Chef Gausteau's line in one of my favorite movies, Ratatouille: "Anyone can cook!"

And of course, who could forget the scene where Remy fixes the soup that Linguini botches? It makes you want to get up from your computer chair and start cooking up a storm. Mmm :)

This entry is a compilation of dishes whose pictures I've uploaded on Instagram in the past few weeks, and if you're in a cooking rut I hope you'll find one in this list that'll help you get out of it. Click the name to go to the recipe. Enjoy and happy cooking!

Note: I added carrots and peas to this dish <3

Wishing you a fruitful and safe week ahead,

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