Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dream Boots!

Dying over the Everly Boot from Jeffrey Campbell. Perfection in the form of shoes. These would go well with my grey/white leopard print pants! :) I love the cutouts, the buckles and the texture. They're statement shoes but won't overpower the rest of your outfit because of the muted color. Definitely a fall/winter must have! You can get them at karmaloop.com for $115, just click here --> The Everly Boot by Jeffrey Campbell
Check out how other bloggers styled their boots:

Danielle Bernstein went for casual chic in her white Everly boots: (image taken from ashburyskies.com)

Andrea Robledo styled her perforated camel boots with a laid-back vibe: (image taken from herstylestation.blogspot.com)

Emily Chan opted for a contrasting crisp/textured look by pairing her white boots with a structured white skirt and a black lace top (image taken from thiswasforever.com)

Another pair I've been eyeing (but will probably NEVER buy unless they magically went on sale for $50 hahaha. *wishful thinking*): Piper from TIBI's pre-Fall 2013 collection. For those of you who can afford the $598 price tag, head over to tibi.com --> Can you also get a pair (size 7.5) for me?

Of course I saw them on a lot of my favorite bloggers, like Blair for example: (image taken from atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com)

And Amy Song: (image taken from: songofstyle.com)

Notice how she's wearing the black version of Emily Chan's Zara skort. I didn't get the memo about it being popular among fashion bloggers :( See this article: "The Zara Skort That's Taking Over The World"

For those who are scared of high heels, there's Billie, Piper's little sis ;) It's a "little" less expensive at $495. Shop for it here: tibi.com

Serena from thespicystiletto.com let the shoes do the talking in her outfit below: (image taken from thespicystiletto.com)

I'll post about the John Mayer concert soon, in the meantime I'll leave you with a full concert video from back when we were all younger hahaha ;)


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