Thursday, June 20, 2013


If MTV still aired music videos, the alt. rock band hailing from Chicago called OK Go would be a household name by now. All of their music videos are so choc-full of creativity and never fail to mesmerize that I can't help but click through all of them on youtube. I first came across this band when their video for Here It Goes Again, where they jump and dance on treadmills in tune to the song, became viral in 2007. What's amazing about them is that they're not all gimmick - sure, their videos are eye-catching, but without good songwriting skills they would just be a generic, run-of-the-mill pop-synth group with no soul. Yes I said that, haha. It's just that I feel a lot of popular artists only release songs that they know will be hits, not because there's an actual story or feeling behind it. Case in point, Selena Gomez's "Come And Get It," which is so awfully written and so synthesized that I immediately switch stations whenever I hear it. Although admittedly, I have had lapses in judgment wherein when I hear someone else sing it, or when I'm concentrating on my driving, I can't help but sing along *nananana.* At least Demi Lovato's song "Heart Attack" was co-written by Demi and has better vocals (though I wish she would not overuse auto tune like she did here, especially in the first part with the alien-sounding *tatatatack,* because her voice is fine without it. But that's pop for you *shrugs*). OK here's the part where I paste a lot of the videos for OK Go, but do check the ones I did not include :)

(trivia: like the band Imagine Dragons, I thought OK Go was from Europe! Ever since I watched the movie Billy Elliot and my cousin gave me a copy of its soundtrack, I've been addicted to bands that sound similar to T. Rex, a 70s rock band from Britain who penned the song "Children of the Revolution.")


Here's the link to a youtube playlist for the OST to Billy Elliot. Enjoy!

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