Monday, January 21, 2013

Necklace Organizing Secret - Revealed!

I've always aspired to rock statement jewelry like Blair from

Or's Kelly Framel's love for simple gold jewelry
Image taken from 
Or the casual/cool jewelry mixed and matched by Aimee Song of
 The only documentation I have of wearing loads of jewelry is this picture:
This was taken when we went to New York last October. The problem I had was that I always rushed out the door and never had time to untangle whatever jewelry I wanted to wear among the other necklaces/bracelets that hung on my poor birdcage jewelry organizer. Here's proof:
DISASTROUS! That is actually just simulated. It was much, much more chaotic before, it merely resembled a depository for knickknacks. And then, one stormy night (fine, it was actually during noontime, on a lazy Saturday) my aunt handed me a huge box. I could feel magic rays emanating from it (1, 2, 3, sing! Ahhhh...!)

"This is my Christmas gift for you, so you can keep your jewelry organized." (Sorry for overusing that word) I said my sincerest thanks, and five minutes later I had it assembled and hung on my closet door. About twenty minutes later, it looked like this:

Finally, I could see everything! (I can see clearly now, the rain is gone..) I hung my pearl necklaces and other heavy jewelry in the middle so that their weight is distributed properly, just to make sure that they won't suffer any breakage in the future due to strain. Plus my old jewelry organizer (which was actually a birthday present from my parents last 2011)  didn't look used and abused anymore.
I love it a lot. Thank you tita(aunt)! My next project will be sorting through my bracelets, although their situation is less dire. I'm just procrastinating a bit because I did just come home a week ago? So I still have jetlag as an excuse? Anyway, that's my story for today, hope I have a better one tomorrow (and loads of jewelry-wearing outfits in the future haha, just like the bloggers that I adore! :) ). God bless everyone, and in case you missed the first link, you can buy the organizer here (it's the cheapest one I can find, plus shipping is free!)



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