Monday, August 10, 2015

Quick Meatball Stir Fry Dinner

Today's dinner was an easy to fix meal for 5. I had half a bag of frozen meatballs from IKEA, 2 large bell peppers and 1 large sweet onion, so I searched for a recipe with these ingredients. From the three recipes that I liked, I ended up using this one from Yummly (how can you go wrong when the site is named like that?):

I did the following changes:
1. Halved the soy sauce and rice vinegar (to reduce sodium)
2. Used 1.5tbsp of cornstarch
3. No green onions on hand, so I used a whole giant sweet onion instead
4. No sesame seeds :(
5. 1.5tsp of hot chili oil for a tiny kick (which my husband did not detect, because he lives by sriracha)
6. Used 2 green bell peppers because those were what I had

Here's the end result:

Mmm :) next time I'll try a homemade chicken meatball recipe with this, and hopefully I'll have sesame seeds and green onions by then hehehe!

Happy cooking!

Lotsa love,
Julie P.

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  1. Delicious, I am craving to have it since it is lunch time. Thank you for sharing the link of recipe, will try to make it out