Thursday, November 12, 2015

#JomarAndJulieBTS: Hair and Makeup

Looking for a makeup artist was supposed to be a no-brainer. After all, my checklist was simple:

1.      I need to look like myself, and I want my future grandkids to look at our wedding photos and see ME, not some hyper-made up and glamourized version of me, so severe contouring was definitely out of the question. It will be so weird if I hear them ask "Lola, who's that?" while thumbing through our wedding album. So goodbye, Hollywood-sanctioned straight nose and hollow cheeks! Not that I really want those hahaha :)
2.      My skin tans easily, which means I need someone who can perfectly match the makeup to my changing yellow-brown skin tone. I didn’t want to like a mumu (ghost) extra for Shake Rattle & Roll nor a bronzed Egyptian goddess (a staple look in Philippine magazine covers). The same goes for my bridal entourage's makeup, especially since their skin tone varies from morena to mestiza. 

3. If I can't find anyone, I will just do it myself. After all, how hard can it be, right? I've done my makeup dozens of times before, and surely I'll have enough time to practice before the big day. I seriously considered this until I realized how different professionally-applied makeup is from my amateur handiwork. Case in point:


Under professional light though, this would look so different. It'd most likely appear washed out, as if I didn't put anything on.

"Easy-peasy," I thought to myself, "I'll probably find someone soon!". But as I scrolled through pages and pages of too-pink lipstick, super thick brown eyebrows, and oddly-sculpted noses c/o the Kim K. School of Contouring, I began to lose hope. I slept quite late those nights, only to keep bumping into dead ends and ending up with bumps on my forehead (so future brides, stick to your schedule and always get some rest!). The makeup artists that I managed to track down were either very expensive to hire or never responded to my inquiries. Miracle of miracles, a mere TWO months before our wedding, I came across Kris Bacani among a thousand websites I surfed through that night. I noted that she was morena, so I thought to myself that she probably knows first hand the sad plight of being morena in a white-complexion obsessed country (sad, I know)? After all, this is the land where the once beautifully tan Jennilyn Mercado became porcelain-skinned after being tucked beneath Vicki Belo's wing, and Maxi Peel flew off the shelves after an endorsement by the lovely, naturally light-skinned Kristine Hermosa (who has most likely never needed to use those horrid chemicals!). Crazy trivia: I was messaging my cousin about updates, and casually mentioned that I was eyeing Kris for my makeup. She said that her parents were friends with Kris' parents and that they actually went to her (my cousin's) wedding! More crazy trivia to come soon :)
Image taken from
Kris working her magic on moi

I knew Kris was THE ONE for me. I quickly messaged her while uttering a quick prayer, and got a reply that she was free on our wedding day! Woohooooo! I added her on Facebook and soon after, we started on our back-and-forth about my hair and makeup inspirations. I told her I wanted the glowing, natural look of Jessica Alba and a curly braided updo like Cheryl Cole's (I originally was toying with the idea of a side swept curly half-pony but nixed it once I realized it would have been annoying since we would be dancing).

Jessica Alba photo by Michael Buckner on Getty Images
Cheryl Cole photo by Steve Granitz on Getty Images
She said she can do both and asked if I wanted traditional makeup or airbrush makeup. I've had former brides tell me to pick airbrush makeup since it has a more "flawless" look, and though I was a bit hesitant at first, I bit the bullet after seeing it on myself during my trial run. I met up with her and her partner-in-crime hairstylist, Alex Leyson, a few days before July 18. I won't show you my picture because I was getting a little hangry and it shows (imagine me, with full bridal makeup and hair, walking down a long distance with my Ma under the unforgiving noontime sun, just so we could get a cab since my brother's van broke down an hour after he dropped us off at Kris' studio) hahaha, but needless to say a lot of my stress flew out the window after they were done- I knew I was in good hands. Two more crazy/funny tidbits: the night before my trial run was my cousin's husband's birthday, which Kris attended! And one of my bridesmaids, a makeup junkie, told me that Kris used to go to her former school and that she knows Kris' work is "pulido" (flawless). All of these coincidences were maybe not coincidences anymore, I honestly believe that God listened to my many prayers and knew that hearing these newly-discovered connections and great feedback were what I needed to decrease my anxiety levels at the time.

Alex doing my hair

I LOVE the work our makeup team did on me and my wedding entourage. Along with Carmie Locsin and Cha Vicuna (my bridesmaids' makeup artist and hair stylist, respectively), they arrived on time, were highly professional, and with their expertise made our natural, God-given beauty shine! Ladies, please remember: keep the atmosphere light and fun, so that your hair and makeup stylists won't be stressed out. Yes, you are their client, but don't be the ├╝ber-demanding bridezilla that will be talked about behind closed doors. As long as you pick the right people who fit your need, tell them what you want ahead of time, and let them feel that you trust them, you and your bridal party will look absolutely gorgeous :) 

Mama's reaction when she saw me getting my makeup done <3

Makeup with natural light and awkward gaze lol (posing jitters)
Carmie Locsin in action

A lot of talking and laughing while they do our hair and makeup :)
Wherein I look like a supervisor lol

Alex doing Mary's hair
My husband and his beautiful mom and lovely sisters

My husband's lovely family

Makeup with flash photography

My pretty ladies/girl squad!
Gorgeous ladies! <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much, Kris, Alex, Carmie and Cha for making us look picture-perfect on my big day! <3
 Love lots,


  1. Yes, your checklist is quite simple and I am glad to see someone who is not looking for experienced artist. you are just looking for someone who will give you makeup tips according to your skin tone.

  2. Your makeup artist nailed it! I wish my wedding makeup artist will give me like this!